Terms of Business


Payment is due on receipt of the invoice which is usually sent on completion of the job unless there is expected to be a long delay in the completing the job when an interim invoice may be sent.

If you ask us to stop working before the job is completed we will send an invoice for the time spent and materials used up until that point.

Additionally, if we believe it is in your best interests to hire another contractor, perhaps because specialist equipment is required or due to unforeseen circumstances, then we will advise you accordingly and invoice you for work already completed.


Unless otherwise agreed, we charge an hourly rate for our time plus any parts used. There is a minimum charge of one hour per visit thereafter you will be charged for every half hour or part thereof.

You will usually be told the rate verbally if you book by telephone. If you provide an email address we will confirm the booking and the hourly rate in writing giving you adequate time to cancel if you do not agree. If you do not provide an email address or the booking is within three hours you will always be told the hourly rate when you book. If you are not informed of the hourly rate you may cancel without penalty any time until work has started. Under no circumstances should you allow the engineer to start work without first knowing the hourly rate.

If you do not provide us with an email address we reserve the right to make a small administration charge for correspondence sent by post. You will always be informed of the cost in advance and given the option to provide an email address for the correspondence instead before any charges are incurred.

Parts are usually charged at trade price plus 20%.

Collection of Parts

Charges for time spent buying or collecting parts will be limited to 20 minutes per visit. If the parts need to be ordered or the engineer considers 20 minutes insufficient for obtaining the parts required another appointment may be necessary for which another minimum charge will apply.

You will not be charged for collecting parts that it would be reasonable to expect the engineer to have with them when attending your type of job.


You may cancel any appointment booked with at least three hours notice without charge. We reserve the right to charge an amount up to the minimum charge specified for appointments cancelled with less than three hours notice. Such charges are dependant on how the booking has affected the management of the engineer’s diary and are at our sole discretion. If the engineer is already on the way to your appointment you will always be charged the minimum amount agreed.
If you request an emergency response then you will be unable to cancel the booking without paying the minimum charge.


We provide a 12 month warranty on all parts supplied and fitted by us. We also provide a 12 month warranty for our workmanship. This warranty applies only to the specific work completed and does not include any further work that may be required even if that work is only required as a result of the original working being carried out.
We are unable to provide any warranty with blockages. If you need to call us back for the same blockage within 48 hours there will not be another minimum charge but the hourly rate will continue from where the first visit ended.

Insurance & Qualifications

We will maintain adequate public liability insurance for all work undertaken at the customer’s premises. We will also ensure that all engineers are suitably qualified for the work they carry out.